Reassessing Counterinsurgency

Articles by Workshop Contributors and Other Relevant Materials

Huw Bennett

The Reluctant Pupil? Britain’s Army and Learning in Counter-insurgency (RUSI)

‘A very salutary effect’: The Counter-Terror Strategy in the Early Malayan Emergency, June 1948 to December 1949 (Journal of Strategic Studies)

Minimum Force in British Counterinsurgency (Small Wars & Insurgencies)

The Other Side of the COIN: Minimum and Exemplary Force in British Army Counterinsurgency in Kenya (Small Wars & Insurgencies)

From Direct Rule to Motorman: Adjusting British Military Strategy for Northern Ireland in 1972 (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism)

The Mau Mau Emergency as Part of the British Army’s Post-War Counter-Insurgency Experience (Defense & Security Analysis)

John Bew

Ulster Unionism and a Sense of History (History & Policy)

Talking to Terrorists: The Myths, Misconceptions and Misapplication of the Northern Ireland Peace Process (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

Stephen Biddle

The Difference Two Years Make (Council on Foreign Relations)

Defining Success in Afghanistan: What Can the United States Accept? (Foreign Affairs) (co-authored with Fotini Christia, and J Alexander Thier)

CFR Video Brief: Afghanistan (CFR Video)

Long Term Goals for Afghanistan and Their Near Term Implications (Council on Foreign Relations)

Ryan Evans

Mission Can’t-complete (Foreign Policy)

COIN is Dead, Long Live the COIN (Foreign Policy)

Matthew Ford

Finding the Target, Fixing the Method: Methodological Tensions in Insurgent Identification (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism)

Gian Gentile

The Better War That Never Was (The National Interest) (Book Review)

Our COIN Doctrine Removes the Enemy from the Essence of War (Armed Forces Journal)

A (Slightly) Better War: A Narrative and Its Defects (World Affairs)

Celeste Ward Gventer

Interventionism Run Amok (Foreign Policy)

The Pentagon’s Obsession with Counterinsurgency (Washington Post)

A Shift in Strategy in Afghanistan (PBS Need to Know video)

Could and Should U.S. End Combat Role in Afghanistan Early? (PBS Newshour video)

Karl Hack

Extracting Counterinsurgency Lessons: The Malayan Emergency and Afghanistan (RUSI)

Setting the Record Straight on Malayan Counterinsurgency Strategy: Interview with Karl Hack by Octavian Manea (Small Wars Journal)

The Malayan Emergency as Counter-Insurgency Paradigm (The Journal of Strategic Studies)

Jacqueline L. Hazelton

Dissertation Excerpt: Compellence and Accommodation in Couterinsurgency Warfare (Brandeis University)

Jacqueline Hazelton: Does Counterinsurgency as State-building Work? by Maria Costigan (Belfer Center Newsletter)

A Conversation with Jill Hazelton (Youtube video)

David Martin Jones and Michael Rainsborough

Terror and the Liberal Conscience: Political Fiction and Jihad-The Novel Response to 9/11 (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism)

Whose Hearts and Whose Minds? The Curious Case of Global Counter-Insurgency (Journal of Strategic Studies)

Terry Kelly

Reconstruction Under Fire: Case Studies and Further Analysis of Civil Requirements (RAND Corporation) (co-authored with Brooke Stearns Lawson, Michelle Parker, Kimberly Colloton, Jessica Watkins)

Reconstruction Under Fire: Unifying Civil and Military Counterinsurgency (RAND Corporation) (co-authored with David C. Gompert, Brooke Stearns Lawson, Michelle Lawson, Kimberly Colloton)

Jeff Michaels

Breaking the Rules: The CIA and Counterinsurgency in the Congo 1964–1965 (International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence)

Agents for Stability or Chaos: Conceptualizing Intelligence “Relevance” in Counterinsurgency (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism)

Managing Global Counterinsurgency: The Special Group (CI) 1962–1966 (Journal of Strategic Studies)

Jeff Michaels and Matthew Ford

Bandwagonistas: rhetorical re-description, strategic choice and the politics of counter-insurgency (Small Wars & Insurgencies)

Doug Porch

A Conversation with Dr. Douglas Porch by Mike Few (Small Wars Journal)

From Spain to Mutiny: The French Experience in Counterinsurgency (Panel Presentation at Columbia University Conference “War By Another Means: Perspectives on Insurgencies”)

Michael Rainsborough

War in the Gray: Exploring the Concept of Dirty War (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism) (co-authored with Sophie Roberts)

Counter-insurgency in the Grey: The Ethical Challenge for Military Conduct (Contemporary Security Policy) (co-authored with Jonathan Dowdall)

Guerrillas in the Mist: Reassessing Strategy and Low Intensity Warfare (Review of International Studies)

The Dynamic of Irwin’s Forgotten Army: A Strategic Understanding of the British Army’s Role in Northern Ireland after 1998 (Small Wars & Insurgencies) (co-authored with Christopher Bass)

Motorman’s Long Journey: Changing the Strategic Setting in Northern Ireland (Contemporary British History) (co-authored with Peter R. Neumann)

“No Fixed Values” A Reinterpretation of the Influence of the Theory of Guerre Revolutionnaire and the Battle of Algiers, 1956-1957 (Journal of Cold War Studies) (co-authored with Christopher Cradock)

Reassessing Military Assistance to the Civil Powers: Are Traditional British Anti-Terrorist Responses Still Effective? (Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement) (co-authored with James Salt)

Review Article in 2009 Journal of Contemporary History (Journal of Contemporary History)

Strategic Terrorism: The Framework and its Fallacies (Journal of Strategic Studies) (co-authored with Peter R. Neumann)

Thompson in Helmand: Comparing Theory to Practice in British Counter-insurgency Operations in Afghanistan (Civil Wars) (co-authored with James Pritchard)

William Rosenau

The Phoenix Program and Contemporary Counterinsurgency (RAND Corporation) (co-authored with Austin Long)

Corporations and Counterinsurgency (RAND Corporation) (co-authored with Peter Chalk, Renny McPherson, Michelle Parker, Austin Long)

Joshua Rovner

Heroes of COIN (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Dominoes on the Durand Line? Overcoming Strategic Myths in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Foreign Policy Briefing) (co-Authored with Austin Long)

Paul Schulte

Paul Staniland

Organizing Insurgency: Networks, Resources, and Rebellion in South Asia (Forthcoming, International Security)

States, Insurgents, and Wartime Political Orders (Forthcoming, Perspectives on Politics)

Ten Ways to Lose at Counterinsurgency (Civil Wars) (co-authored with Kelly M. Greenhill)

Counterinsurgency is a Bloody, Costly Business (Foreign Policy)

Francis J. “Bing” West

Congressional Testimony July 27, 2011 Statement to the House Armed Services Committee re: Afghanistan

Interview with Bing West by Michael Few

James Worrall


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